Considering a Pool Remodel? 5 Reasons to Take the Plunge

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If you already have an in ground pool in your backyard, chances are, you have probably considered a pool remodel. Perhaps you need a wider pool, or would like a more elegant shaped one. Or, maybe you would like to add a spa or kid’s area to your swimming pool design. Backyard pool remodeling can significantly improve your home or backyard space. If you have been on the fence about a pool remodel, find out why opting for a swimming pool expansion or redesign can benefit you:

1.Increase the Value of Your Home or Property

Sure, just having an inground pool ups the value of your home (up to 8% on average), but having a swimming experience that you can truly sell to potential buyers can increase the profit you will make on your home, significantly. Addons like spas, salt water pools, and kid designated areas are big selling points, as are lighted or heated pools. If you will be looking to sell, consider your buyer when deciding on what type of pool expansion to get.

2.Increases Pool Safety
Having a designated, smaller swimming pool area for kids or those who are not strong swimmers can help keep your pool safe. This can be the first few feet of your pool space, separated by a bouoy, or a separated rounded (or other commonly shaped) area that will keep children safe in the summer, while allowing adults to enjoy the deeper areas of the pool.

3.Adds a Strong Design Element to Your Backyard
If you want your outdoor space to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, creating a luxurious pool space is a requirement. Perhaps you want to expand your pool and add mood lighting. Or, maybe you would like to enhance the design and shape of your pool to better fit your decor. Either way, requesting a pool remodel will help bump up your level of design.

4.Create a Thriving Outdoor Party Space
If you live to entertain or tend to host a lot of family parties, remodeling your pool can help ensure there is room for all of your guests, while creating an inviting environment which will encourage guests to use your pool. Since swimming is the 3rd most popular sport in the country (behind walking and equipment training), your guests are bound to be thankful for your remodel.

5.Replace Outdated Pools
Maybe your pool was originally installed decades ago and updating it continues to be a hassle. Or maybe it is starting to fall apart and might even be a health or safety issue. If your pool is not, or has not been, properly maintained, its lifespan might have expired, as it is often cut in half when not taken care of. Whatever the reason may be, asking for a pool remodel or renovation can help make your swimming space look brand new again, while ensuring your pool remains healthy, safe, and up to date.

If you think a swimming pool remodel or new swimming pool installation might be the right move for you, call a certified contractor to find out more. They can even show you pictures of other remodels they have done and help you consider all possibilities to ensure your pool is remodeled to your satisfaction.

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