Wild Alaskan Fishing and Travel Ideas

Soldotna alaska fishing

Just as you wouldn’t go camping without packing the supplies for s’mores, no fishing trip to Alaska is complete without some delicious dinners (or lunches, or breakfasts!) incorporating fresh fish. Types of fish in Alaska include Pacific salmon (sockeye, pink, chinook, coho), Pacific halibut, shellfish, flatfish, ground fish, trout, and Alaskan king crab, so you’ll want to be a bit flexible when coming up with cabin food ideas.

A simple preparation of grilled or pan-fried fish, with a sprinkling of fresh lemon juice and maybe some herbs, is a fairly safe bet no matter what you end up catching that day. Pack some cooking oil, a head of garlic, a couple of lemons, and some high-quality sea salt to bring out the fish’s natural savory flavor.

To round out your fresh fish meal, how about the ever-popular potato? Pan-fry cubes of potato alongside your trout filet, or roast whole potatoes in the campfire before you grill up the salmon or crab. Now all you need is a vegetable. Something simple — some sliced heirloom tomatoes or even a container of premade coleslaw — is probably your best bet. Remember, the lodge or cabin you’ll be staying in may have minimal kitchen utensils.

Since the point of an Alaskan fishing vacation is, well, the fishing, you don’t want to spend a lot of time making elaborate meals. Cabin life isn’t conducive to elaborate casseroles or stews or dishes that require many ingredients or multiple steps. Other than your freshly caught fish dinners, keep the cooking to a minimum. Instead, think of cabin food ideas that are portable, simple, and nutritious. A supply of granola bars, fresh fruit, trail mix is always good to have on hand. Take the fixings for simple sandwiches you can throw together for a lunch on the boat. Cheese sticks, beef jerky and whole-grain crackers are also excellent items to include on your fishing trip checklist. Don’t forget some candy bars to satisfy your hankering for dessert!

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