Heading into the Last Frontier to Fish? How to Cook What You Catch

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One of the biggest challenges anglers face when heading to Alaska to indulge in the state’s famed king salmon fishing is knowing what to do with the fish once you’ve pulled it out of the water. Many of the best anglers in the world know what bait to use and what tackle is best for pulling up Alaska fish species, but when it comes to making something delicious out of their catch, well, some just don’t get it.

And that’s a terrible shame. Consider, Alaska isn’t just famous for its salmon fishing tours, it’s also incredibly well known for its halibut and its rainbow trout runs. If you, like many fishermen, are sick of tossing whatever you catch into a pan with oil and hoping for the best, here’s a quick guide to some of the best ways to prepare Alaska fish species, whether you’re talking about the mighty halibut or the ruler of Alaskan waters, the king salmon.

How to Prepare the Tastiest of Alaska Fish Species

  • Simple Prep is Best for King Salmon
  • For BBC Good Food, there is no better way to treat a fresh fillet of salmon than with a bath of fresh herbs, high quality olive oil, and lightly sauteed shallots. Combining these ingredients together into a sauce, ladling it over the salmon placed in packets of lemon couscous and baking the packets in the oven at 375 for 20 minutes will yield one of the best dishes you’ve ever tasted. Most importantly, this approach doesn’t drown out the flavor of Alaska’s state fish.

  • Trout Works Best with the Bright Punch of Acid
  • If not prepared properly, rainbow trout, also commonly known as steelhead, can be downright bland. That’s why celebrity chef Rachael Ray and the Food Network recommend baking the trout fillets in salt, pepper, and olive oil and serving the finished fish over steamed jasmine rice. Finishing the dish with a warm citrus vinaigrette will help bring out some of the trout’s hidden flavors, as the acerbic citrus serves to brighten the entire dish.

  • Stick with the Classics for Halibut
  • The exceptionally popular cooking blog The Old Hen hits the nail on the head by recommending a classic preparation for the white, flaky flesh of halibut. Assuming you can manage to pull these pelagic monsters up, you should simply fillet them into manageable chunks, soak in a mixture of water, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce, and then immerse them in a beer batter. Fry the halibut until golden brown, and finish the dish with a well poured beer and a side of malt vinegar. Oh, and don’t forget the chips!

Do you fancy yourself something of a culinary expert when it comes to fresh fish? Share some of your tips for cooking up the different types of fish in Alaska in the comment section below! Read more like this: bobscabin.com

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