Attention Kids Whiz Past Your Defenders With These Three Soccer Moves

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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, attracting millions of adults and children to the pitch, or field, all year round. The sport is featured in several countries, and many of these national teams have several chances throughout the course of a soccer season to prove themselves to opposing leagues, and often teams from other nations during the World Cup.

But soccer is not just for the pros. Soccer training programs and summer soccer camps offer a way for children to get involved in the sport. Because soccer is relatively easy to learn, young children can learn to kick and dribble the ball, and build upon these early skills as they grow. Youth soccer leagues give children the chance to learn soccer moves, teamwork, and also the benefit of practice and hard work.

In addition to the valuable skills these programs and leagues provide, here are some often-used kicking and dribbling soccer moves that can enhance any child’s talent, and keep a defender at bay.

  1. Cruyff Turn — Meant to trick a defender into thinking you are going in one direction, but really heading in another, this move involves a bit of fancy footwork, and was created by a Dutch soccer player named Johan Cruyff. As the defender is running alongside as you dribble the ball, make it look like you are about to pass the ball with the inside of one foot, and then slowly drag the ball around the outside of the opposite foot, and continue on in that direction. This leaves your defender confused about the which way you are really turning.
  2. Through the Legs — Anyone can learn soccer moves like this one with minimal practice. This trick will likely take the defender by surprise, and leave him or her slightly embarrassed. If a defender is standing flatfooted and stationary with their legs spread apart, kick the ball through their legs and meet the ball on the other side as your sprint past the defender. This does not work all the time, but if you catch a defender not paying attention, it will often do the trick.
  3. Matthews Move — First performed by Stanley Matthews, an English soccer player, this move is fairly basic, and children who learn soccer moves in youth leagues and camps can pick up easily with a little practice. As you are dribbling the ball ahead, use the inside of your dominant foot to slightly tap the ball in one direction, then quickly use the outside of the same foot to push the ball the other way. This rattles the defender, if done well, and could take you past your opponent in seconds.
    1. There are dozens of moves that children can master once their footwork improves. With the help of qualified coaches, and some practice, they could be on their way to becoming one of the best players on their team.
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